Freestyle FX Responsive Boilerplate

Freestyle FX is a developer boilerplate that will kickstart your next responsive project.

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Freestyle FX is your tool kit for rapid frontend development and prototyping. While not supposed to be a 1-click solution that takes care of everything for you it has been designed in a way that gives you freedom and a good place to start your projects and save lots of your precious time. It's put together in a modular way that allows you to remove functionality that you don't need and extend your site with your own scripts and styles. It doesn't come with an overbearing amount of styling, but rather keeps things very clean and basic, and easy to extend to your needs. That way you don't have to ”un-style” the theme before using it for your project.

Make use of Contao's powerful built-in functionality without the need of additional plugins! Adjust layout and styling simply in the Contao-CSS-editor or use an external one. Easily apply styles on page-, article- or element-level by using the ID/class fields.

Create impressive and modern looking designs in full viewport width, animated entries, parallax effects, rounded corners, colored or gradient overlays and much more. Finally you can unleash Contao's power without compromising on imagination!


  • Pocketgrid Framework (responsive and elastic)
  • Easily add on-scroll animations to any element (more than 70 effects to choose from!)
  • Mostly semantic and lightweight HTML code
  • Extremely flexible use of columns, even without special grid-extentions
  • Parallax effekt in the header possible
  • Animated three-level drop-down menu with optional overlay (touch device ready!)
  • Built-in mobile menu based on CSS only
  • 700+ icons
  • Flexible use of the header area (image, hero, Contao slider...) – see demo page
  • Edge-to-Edge layouts possible (full viewport width)
  • Boxed layouts with or without drop shadow possible
  • 9 predefined layouts
  • Image effects: pop-out, push-in and circular
  • Easy to change color theme by using Contao global variables
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Demo installation is built on entirely vanilla Contao without any third party extensions
  • lightweight
  • GDPL safe: the version for Contao 4.13 uses local webfonts


  • Saves much time at the beginning of any responsive web project
  • Create responsive mockups in no time
  • Leverage the power of Contao's built in features
  • Easily customisable and extendable
  • Most native Contao modules are supported out of the box
  • Free updates for the Contao 4x series

Known issues

  • Animations are not played in IE 9 (elements will be displayed without animation, though)!
  • Some of the advanced gradients shown in the demo are not shown in IE9.
  • The boxed layout is not displayed correctly in some older browsers (p.e. in iOS <=5 (CSS method calc() is not supported). Can be solved with a simple browser fix.
  • The header bar doesn't hide when scrolling in older iOS browsers and IE 9, but is fully functional.
  • Safari has problems displaying parallax effects on sliders correctly. Text on slide 2 and above only show after scroll.


Theme details

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Contao versions

  • 4.13
  • 4.12
  • 4.11
  • 4.10
  • 4.9
  • 4.8
  • 4.7
  • 4.6
  • 4.4
  • 4.1
  • 3.5

Browser compatibility Chrome,Firefox,Safari,IE 9+,Edge

Date added May 20th, 2017

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License terms

The following license terms apply to the theme:

The license holder acquires a non-exclusive, unrestricted right to use the source code of this theme. The license is valid for exactly one free or commercial project.
The license holder is not allowed to re-sell the theme as such, is however allowed to sell the theme code as part of a web project for a client. In this case the seller's license is transferred to the buyer forever.

Changes to the theme

You can change the theme in any way you want.

Attribution / copyright note

You are not obliged to display public attribution to the author of this theme. You are, however, obliged to leave any copyright notes of third party contributors intact.

Important: You are not allowed to use the wow.js script that is contained within the package on any other commercial website than the one created with this theme, except you own a commercial license for it.


The images displayed on the demo website are not part of the download package.