Theme2Go #1 - Health Navigator

A clean and responsive design that can cater for comprehensive and simple websites.

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Contao 4.4 LTS compatible!


The theme has a Flat Design with a modern and elegant font. It is presented with colours found in nature using a clear colour scheme that emphasises the content.

The header arouses emotions with large images stretching over the page. With your own customised selection of images in this layout you will connect with your target audience. The header and horizontale navigation are structured so that even visitors using smaller screens can navigate without having to scroll the page.

The colour scheme can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. Simply change the values of the global variables within the theme.

The mobile navigation with appealing animations has an intuitive UI in which sub-menus (for comprehensive sites) can be easily accessed.



  • Icons as SVG
  • Improved styling (eg image captions)
  • New styling for sidebar navigation


  • Contao 4.4 LTS compatible theme and template


  • Contao 4.3 compatible theme and template
  • support for sub folder installations improved


  • improved mobile navigation
  • simplified font changing
  • support for sub folder installations improved


  • new templates with enhanced design for events and comments
  • improved mobile navigation


  • Contao 4.1 compatible theme und template


  • enhanced responsive behavior
  • support for older file formats (applies to Contao Systems that have been upgraded)
  • improved installation guide


  • Fully responsive
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Google fonts
  • Many preconfgured contao modules ( events, login, faq, Suche, galleries, navigation, newsletter and more...)
  • Use of accordions to avoid long lists
  • CSS3 animation effects (transitions)
  • SCSS files included
  • 960px wide grid with four columns
  • 1 breakpoint


  • Change the color scheme and look of the page without programming skills (global variables)
  • most Contao functions are already integrated and have layouts

Installation Instructions in the download package.

Theme details

Vendor e3N (show all themes)

Contao versions

  • 4.4
  • 4.3
  • 3.5
  • 3.4
  • 3.2

Browser compatibility IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari

Date added January 12th, 2016

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License terms

The following license terms apply to the theme:


Please read the following license carefully. By buying this product you agree and accept the following terms and conditions. We assume no liability for the violation of licenses .

I. Limited right of use.

The buyer receives the right to use this theme for as long as they like on any number of test installations but limited to one production installation. The theme can be used on up to 3 websites within the production installation.

II Agencies & Resellers

You may transfer the right of use of this Theme to one customer. This customer may use the theme as stated above and your right of use is expires. The theme must be purchased for each customer the right of use is transfered to.

III Modifications to the theme

You are authorised to change and alter the product to suit your purposes. Please observe and respect copyrights (eg in modules or source code) where present and do not remove the authors copyrights or copyrights from the source code.

IV Copyright-Hinweis
Authors copyright
You have the option of buying this theme without stating the authors copyright notice. Without this option you may not remove authors copyrights or any backlinks.

Third party copyrights
This theme may have pictures and fonts from thrid parties.
Please observe and respect the licensing agreements of third parties, do not remove their copyright notices and provide the respective backlink to their websites.


Images provided with this theme are not covered by this license. Please observe the following references:

All gallery-images are from Unsplash and may be used free, without further license.

Header images may only be used by aquiring the respective license.
Joggerin Fotolia_33029484 © Christian Schwier –
Arzt Fotolia_47969851 © lightpoet -

Icons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) are from Simple Icons – and may only be used with the correct licensing.

The Google-Font "Open-Sans" is used in this theme.

* The theme seller gives a 10% discount on follow-up orders of the same theme. The discout does not apply to other themes of the seller or to themes of other sellers.